HBMS Library Resource Center


This is the home page for a collection of resource lists for topics the students of Henry B duPont Middle School have been assigned for research. Additional pages will be added as teachers request them. The web sites have been carefully chosen for reliability and relevance to the topic. As everyone knows, much information on the web is poor - it has not been well-researched, the person who wrote it is not an expert, it may be out of date, and there may be bias if the author is trying to persuade readers to believe a certain point of view, or to buy a product.

Five W's
  • Who wrote this page and how are they an expert?
  • What is the purpose - to give information? (If the purpose is to sell something or to persuade you to believe something, then the information will be biased.)
  • When was it created or updated? (The information may be out of date.)
  • Where does the information come from? (Look for a Bibliography of sources.)
  • Why is the information useful for this purpose?